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Uses of Compartment Bags in the Jewelry Industry

Generally, plastic compartment bags are also known as clear reclosable zip bags used for shipping, packaging and storing jewelry, but there are various other uses. It has two compartments that help you store more than one piece of jewelry without getting them stuck or mingle together. Most people find unique and creative uses for a basic product, and compartment bags are one of them from time to time. 

What is a Compartment Bag?

A compartment storage bag is an affordable, flexible, rectangular storage bag that is mostly transparent. It is made from polyethene or similar plastic material, which can be sealed and opened multiple times by a slider that works similarly to a zip fastener. 

Such resealable bags are incredibly flexible, convenient and versatile clear polythene bags embodying an interlocking ‘grip seal’ which lets the plastic bag be resealed persistently with ease. Moreover, the resealable grip also allows for easy access to the item. 

Why Are Compartment Bags Used in the Jewelry Industry?

Jewelry comes in different varieties, shapes, sizes and materials, so they should be stored separately. You wouldn’t want your jewelry to mix up all the time as no one has the time to sort them out.

  • These compartment bags help organize rings, earrings, necklaces, and brooches in two separate sections in a single bag. 
  • These compartment bags help keep the air out to avoid oxidation. So, your jewelry is not rusted or ruined while stored. 
  • These bags are also perfect for protecting, sorting, selling, and storing seed beads, earrings, and other tiny items. 
  • As these bags come with two compartments, you can easily keep your silver and copper jewelry, beads and findings separately in a single bag.

At Action Bag, you can find a good quality and affordable range of compartment bags to store your jewelry. 

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