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Types of Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are incredibly versatile containers or careers crafted from thin and usually flexible polymeric films. Made to transport, store, ship, and package items in various industrial, commercial and residential applications. Moreover, plastic bags are useful as they are often waterproof and offer some protection from the elements.

Here are some of the commonly available plastic bags:

Reclosable bags have revolutionized most industries up to some extent. They are used as custom packaging in the foodservice industry rather than VC shrink bags, when something needs to be opened or closed more than once. Moreover, these bags preserve food and decrease food wastage. Apart from this, the bags are widely used and have become a common household item.

  • Wicket Bags

These bags are basically utilized in high-speed industrial applications. Several wicket bags are placed on a ‘U’ shaped metal ring. Three sides of the bag are closed, with a single side open. The one side is blown open, and items are inserted. The simple design of the bag increases speed in highly automated manufacturing conditions. They decreased handling time, and USDA approached for food storage.

  • Gusset Bags

These bags are particularly well-designed sides and bottoms that allow for the packaging of bigger and bulkier products. Moreover, small gusset bags are usually used for packaging candy assortments, garden soil, hardware, tools, crafts, etc.

  • Custom Zip Top Bags

Such bags are mainly crafted from polyethylene plastic. They are versatile and easily customizable and can be recognized by the kind of seals they have on the top. The zip seal allows the bag to protect its content from outside elements and prevent leakage from the inside.

  • Printed Plastic Bags

These types of plastic bags are bulk manufactured or customized storage containers to which permanent designs and labels are added as per the customer’s choice.

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