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Specimen Bag Features

Specimen processing is a vital part of proper patient care.  Effective processing is needed to determine the cause of a patients aliment and the next steps in their treatment.  Proper specimen packaging helps improves efficiency and precision which in turn drives accurate diagnoses.

The specimen transport bag market offers many sizes and styles based on the processing needs.  Key specimen bag features include:

• Document pouch – allows patient paperwork to travel with the specimen

• Zip close seal – recloseable seal that keeps specimen enclosed

• Tear line – easy access for processing by ripping at the perforated line

• Tamper evident – adhesive seal with alerts any tampering of the bag

• Color Coding – alerts for different departments or specimen handling

• Handling indicators – mark if specific rush or temperature is needed

• Specialty Bags –  UV or air flight delivery

• Branding – private labeled with provider or lab name

• Made-to-Order– custom design based on individual need or preference

Often time specimen bags are overlooked as a disposable supply item with little attention given to the important function they serve. These bags offer many features that make processing easier and faster.  Make some time to review your specimen transport line. The right specimen bag drives less mistakes, faster results, and ultimately better patient care.

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