Paper Shopping Bags

  • Paper shopping bags are 100% recyclable and biodegradable
  • All bags include twisted paper handles
  • Available in both Kraft and White colors
Zipper Color
Absorbent Pad
Item #DescriptionCase ofPriceQuantity
R50308W5.5W x 3.25D x 8.25L, White Paper Shopping Bags250$146.22
R50308B5.5W x 3.25D x 8.25L, Kraft Paper Shopping Bags250$135.13
R70409W8W x 4.75D x 10.5L, White Paper Shopping Bags250$157.33
R70409B8W x 4.75D x 10.5L, Kraft Paper Shopping Bags250$146.22
R905014B10W x 5D x 13.5L, Kraft Paper Shopping Bags250$164.93
R905014W10W x 5D x 13.5L, White Paper Shopping Bags250$187.11
R1206015W12 5/8W x 6 1/4D x 15 1/2L, White Paper Shopping Bags250$269.56
R1206015B12 5/8W x 6 1/4D x 15 1/2L, Kraft Paper Shopping Bags250$217.60
R130717W13W x 7D x 17L, White Paper Shopping Bags250$250.89
R130717B13W x 7D x 17L, Kraft Paper Shopping Bags250$209.98
R1606012B16W x 6D x 12L, Kraft Paper Shopping Bags250$183.64
R1606012W16W x 6D x 12L, White Paper Shopping Bags250$213.56
R1606019W16W x 6D x 19L, White Paper Shopping Bags200$266.20
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