Plain Gift Bags

Blue Plain Gift Bag
  • FDA and USDA approved polyethylene
  • Available in a variety of colors and 4 different sizes
  • Don’t see the size/color you need? Request a custom quote
Zipper Color
Absorbent Pad
Item #DescriptionCase ofPriceQuantity
MBpXSbl6.25W x 9.25L, Blue Plain Gift Bags1000$17.99
MBpXSmg6.25W x 9.25L, Magenta Plain Gift Bags1000$17.99
MBpXSre6.25W x 9.25L, Red Plain Gift Bags1000$17.99
MBpXSte6.25W x 9.25L, Teal Plain Gift Bags1000$17.99
MBpSbl8.5W x 11L, Blue Plain Gift Bags1000$26.99
MBpSdg8.5W x 11L, Dark Green Plain Gift Bags1000$26.99
MBpSre8.5W x 11L, Red Plain Gift Bags1000$26.99
MBpSte8.5W x 11L, Teal Plain Gift Bags1000$26.99
MBpMbk10W x 13L, Black Plain Gift Bags1000$34.99
MBpMbl10W x 13L, Blue Plain Gift Bags1000$34.99
MBpMch10W x 13L, Chocolate Plain Gift Bags1000$34.99
MBpMre10W x 13L, Red Plain Gift Bags1000$34.99
MBpMte10W x 13L, Teal Plain Gift Bags1000$34.99
MBpLbk12W x 15L, Black Plain Gift Bags1000$44.99
MBpLbl12W x 15L, Blue Plain Gift Bags1000$44.99
MBpLbu12W x 15L, Burgundy Plain Gift Bags1000$44.99
MBpLdg12W x 15L, Dark Green Plain Gift Bags1000$44.99
MBpLre12W x 15L, Red Plain Gift Bags1000$44.99
MBpLte12W x 15L, Teal Plain Gift Bags1000$44.99
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