Equipment Covers

  • Durable covers protect and keep medical equipment clean
  • No slip film formulation keeps stacked items from falling
  • Available in both clear for clean items and blue for soiled items. Easily distinguish between clean and dirty equipment
Zipper Color
Absorbent Pad
Item #DescriptionCase ofPriceQuantity
EC1283BL12W x 8D x 30L, Blue Equipment Covers150 $22.98
EC128312W x 8D x 30L, Clear Equipment Covers150$25.53
EC3616W x 14D x 36L, Clear Equipment Covers200$55.68
EC36BL16W x 14D x 36L, Blue Equipment Covers200 $63.65
EC16145416W x 14D x 54L, Clear Equipment Covers200 $96.80
EC182418W x 24L, Clear Equipment Covers500$82.55
EC1824BL18W x 24L, Blue Equipment Covers270$61.45
EC3020W x 18D x 30L, Clear Equipment Covers200$73.91
EC30BL20W x 18D x 30L, Blue Equipment Covers200$79.91
EC243624W x 36L, Clear Equipment Covers500$157.56
EC2436BL24W x 36L, Blue Equipment Covers180 $45.97
EC3528W x 22D x 35L, Clear Equipment Covers150$109.83
EC35BL28W x 22D x 35L, Blue Equipment Covers150$109.83
EC56BL28W x 22D x 56L, Blue Equipment Covers50$40.30
EC5628W x 22D x 56L, Clear Equipment Covers50$40.30
EC38264836W x 26D x 48L, Clear Equipment Covers180$109.93
EC9038W x 7D x 90L, Clear Equipment Covers50$79.16
EC90BL38W x 7D x 90L, Blue Equipment Covers50$79.16
ECB9040W x 10D x 90L, Clear Equipment Covers50$90.71
ECB90BL40W x 10D x 90L, Blue Equipment Covers50 $81.64
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