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Our History

Action Bags is the industry leader in reclosable zip and custom packaging for over 44 years. Founded in 1980 as Action Bag Company, the now third-generation family business started with one simple and effective product: the reclosable zip bag. Since then, Action Bags has grown to stocking over 5,000 different plastic bag styles to meet our customer’s needs across all industries regardless of its use. Additionally, we are your go-to product experts for any custom bags to incorporate branding, sizes, or product features that you do not see in our stock offering.

Today, Action Bags has become the industry leader for plastic packaging by providing products of incomparable quality, selection, and price.


Marie GebbieAction Bag Company is founded by Marie Gebbie, focusing on the reclosable zip bag and its uses across all industries.                                                                                                                                                                                           


Marie’s daughter, Nancy Cwynar, joins the organization making Action Bags a second-generation family business.


Nancy CwynarNancy Cwynar becomes CEO. The organization continues to expand its product line.                                                                                                                                                  


Action Bags healthcare division is                                                   rebranded to Action Health.


Haley Cwynar joins the organization making Action Bags a third-generation family business.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Action Bags acquires Co-Ordinated Packaging expanding its stock product offering.


Action Bags acquires Multi-Pak USA enhancing the organization’s custom                                           capabilities.


Action Bags acquires Bag Man Xray expanding the product line to include X-ray Cassette Covers. 


Action Bags acquires GT Bag Company adding polypropylene, lip & tape, and  pre-opened zip bags to our stock product line.


Action Bags acquires The J. J. Elemer Corporation and their                                                          best-in-class line of Midwest Pacific                                              heat sealing equipment.


Action Bags acquires Packco Inc. adding cloth drawstring bags, shrink film, shrink bags, and shrink tubing to                                         our stock product offering.


Action Bags acquires Curlew Creek Packaging adding FIBCs, bulk bags, and woven polypropylene bags to our stock and custom product offering.

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