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MIL Thickness for Zip Bags

Generally, zip bags are widely used for packaging, shipping, and storage applications. Crafted to provide excellent protection to the products, these zip bags are handy for multiple applications across various industries like manufacturing, electronics, automotive, food, and many others.

How to Pick the Right Bag According to Mil Thickness?

Selecting the right sized zip bag is extremely vital based on your particular storage applications. Why? Because picking a small bag can lead to split or tear when you try to fit the items in the bag. Moreover, as zip bags come in several sizes, they are manufactured in varied MIL thicknesses.

Some factors to keep in mind while selecting MIL for the bags are as follows:

  • Select zip bags with 1 Mil to store items for a shorter time.
  • Choose 1.5 Mil zip bags if your application needs to protect the items from dust and moisture, among others.
  • Get a 2 Mil clear ziplock plastic bag to store products needing standard protection.
  • 3 Mil bags are generally used when there is a need for extra protection while storing nuts, bolts, or various other industrial parts.
  • Employ 4 Mil zip bags to store metal parts that need heavy-duty protection.
  • 6 Mil bags are typically selected when you need to store bulky products or sharp cornered parts. The bags with this thickness impart extra heavy-duty protection to the content stored.

In Conclusion

Almost every trusted company like Action Bags ensures to maintain a competent customer care team who stands dedicated to clear all the doubts of the customers about the selection of the right sized zip bags. They also help you make a wise purchase after comprehensively analyzing your application requirements to the fullest. So, explore their extensive range, and you’ll definitely find something that fits your budget and other unique specifications.

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