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LDPE vs. HDPE Film

Even though LDPE and HDPE share multiple characteristics, their basically different internal structures lead to multiple differences as well. The polymer chains that craft both materials are subdivided into LDPE, whereas, in HDPE, the polymers have a more crystalline formation. However, the difference in polymer organization results in obvious characteristics in every material.

Here are some pointers to tell the differences between LDPE and HDPE:

  • Differences in Physical Characteristics

LDPE is relatively softer and more flexible compared to HDPE. It also has a lower melting point (115° C) and is more transparent. In contrast to HDPE, it is more likely to break apart under pressure.

Moreover, HDPE is stiff, durable, and provides excellent chemical resistance. Its higher melting point (135° C) lets it withstand higher temperatures compared to LDPE. Additionally, it’s much more crystalline in structure, leading to greater strength and opaqueness of the material.

  • Differences in Recyclability

While both HDPE and LDPE are recyclable; although, they should be recycled individually. LDPE is allocated under recycling number 4 and HDPE under recycling number 2. Based on the product, LDPE can be more challenging to recycle as it’s softer and can get stuck in the recycling machinery.

On the other hand, HDPE is a lot easier to transport and operate through the recycling tool.

  • Differences in Production Methods

LDPE is crafted by compressing monomer ethylene gas in a tubular or autoclave reactor to facilitate polymerization i.e., the connecting of monomers into polymer chains. On the contrary, HDPE is generated by heating petroleum to extremely high temperatures. This procedure releases the ethylene gas monomers, which then blend to create polymer chains.

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