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FIBCs / Bulk Bags

At Action Bags, we specialize in crafting Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs), also known as bulk bags, totes, or super sacks, designed precisely to your requirements and specifications. As one of the leading manufacturers of flexible intermediate bulk containers and a member of FIBCA (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association), we offer tailored solutions globally, catering to a diverse range of industries.

Bulk Bag

FIBCs are classified into four main types according to the level of static protection they provide:

Type A: These FIBC bags are plain and provide no static protection.

Type B: Designed to guard against low breakdown voltage transmitted through brush discharges.

Type C: Featuring interconnecting panels to control electric charges when grounded, recommended for explosive atmospheres or materials.

Type D: These bags dissipate static charges and thus do not necessitate grounding.


Manufacturers of FIBCs are well aware of the static hazards associated with handling these bags. The polypropylene (PP) fabric utilized in manufacturing various sizes of these bags undergoes UV treatment and insulation-proofing as initial steps. This process effectively eliminates any static charge buildup during product filling or discharge, rendering the bags shockproof. Consequently, the risk of ignitions, explosions, or fire accidents involving nearby handlers or unearthed materials is significantly mitigated. Along with the 4 types of FIBCs, Action Bags specializes in Baffle Bulk Bags which contain reinforced corners to bolster the bulk bag structure.



Type A flexible intermediate bulk container bags are typically utilized for non-hazardous materials handling due to their absence of static protection. It’s essential to refrain from using Type A bags for storing or transporting flammable substances, or in environments susceptible to ignition, owing to their lack of static protection. Action Bags specializes in customizing and producing Type A bulk bags.

Type B Bag



Type B bulk bags share similarities with Type A bulk bags as they lack an inherent mechanism for dissipating static electricity. However, the crucial distinction lies in the materials used in Type B bulk bags, which possess a low breakdown voltage to inhibit the occurrence of propagating brush discharges that can be extremely energetic and hazardous. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that our Type B flexible bulk containers cannot be classified as “antistatic” since they are unable to discharge electrostatic charge.


Our Type C flexible container bag represents our groundable or conductive option. Initially crafted from entirely conductive materials, they are structured in a grid pattern using non-conductive polypropylene interlaced with conducting yarns. This particular structure, along with its grounding capabilities, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safe utilization of our Type C flexible bulk container.



Type D bags, exemplified by Crohmiq™ bags, utilize anti-static and static dissipative fabrics to effectively shield against incendiary sparks, brush discharges, and propagating brush discharges, all without necessitating a connection to a designated ground. Unlike Type C bags, Type D bags like Crohmiq™ bags do not require interconnection of quasi-conductive yarns, thus eliminating the potential for human error inherent in the manufacturing and use of grounded Type C bags.


Baffle Bulk Bags

Baffle FIBC bags feature supplementary fabric panels known as baffles, stitched into every corner. These additional panels bolster the FIBCs’ structure, ensuring they maintain their shape even when loaded with products. Consequently, baffle bags are notably simpler to stack or align for storage and transportation purposes. Common construction consists of Tubular, 2 panel, and 4 panel.

Baffle Bag

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