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Different Types of Parts Bags

Usually, parts bags are crafted to store parts in a safe, convenient and inexpensive way. It means parts bags make for easy storage and identification for medium to heavy-duty items. However, the bag’s durability largely depends on the material the bag is made from and how thick that material is. Thankfully, there are different types of parts bags in the market to store different types of contents.

Here are some of the commonly available types of parts bags in the current market:

  • Brass Eyelet Zip Bags

These are heavy-duty polyethylene side-sealed bags that come with a zipper top feature. In addition, it has a reinforced brass eyelet for attaching special notices, tags, instructions, inspection reports, and many more.

These are commonly used reclosable bags that come with a hang hole. The best factor about these bags is that it has easily recognized part numbers or samples and quantities with preprinted write on bags. You can hang or tie these reclosable plastic parts bags to your machinery, tool, equipment, and racks.

These are reclosable bags that have a hang hole right above the zipper. Similar to the quantity printed zip bags, it easily identifies part numbers or sample and quantities sections preprinted on bags. Moreover, you can easily tie these printed plastic bags to your machinery or racks.

  • Compartment Zip Bags

These 2-mil and clear reclosable zip bags are popular because of two compartments or pockets to store contents. They are perfect for the jewellery and optical industry as you can see them being mostly used for storing various tiny tools and jewellery. Moreover, as these sturdy bags have a divider down the middle, you can keep more than one item separately.

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