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Captis Conference: Value Beyond Price

Last week our team attended the inaugural Captis (formerly UMCSC) Conference in Minneapolis. We have been attending this show for many years and always leave with thought provoking takeaways from the breakout sessions. This year was no different.

Specifically, there was a breakout session called Value Beyond Price that explored the different value-adds in the supplier/provider relationship post executing a price agreement. The forum for this session was much different than most breakouts. The session was an interactive engagement with both suppliers and providers voicing their views on what really is a value-add from their unique perspective.

There were over a dozen great non-price, value-adds on the whiteboard when the session was over that I could tell you about but I had one specific takeaway from the 45-minite session. Communication is key. This sounds simple but it really focuses on building the trust needed in an effective supplier/provider relationship. Without the communication we had in that breakout with suppliers and providers we would have never realized what is valuable to both sides of the healthcare community.

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