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Benefits Of Custom Poly Mailers

Custom Poly Mailers are made of the highest-quality materials to ensure that your items are kept safe and secure. While mistakes are unavoidable, delivering your products in high-quality poly mailers can be an excellent alternative for avoiding many hazards during the shipping process. E-Commerce firms often use polyethylene mailing envelopes to transport clothes, plastics, shoes, and other non-perishables. They are lightweight, water-resistant, and are available in a number of sizes. Poly-mailers are tremendous money-savers in shipping because they are virtually weightless. Almost anything can be done with them.

Poly-mailers are most commonly used by shipping companies and most households for mailing care packages, Christmas gifts, or paperwork.


  • Easy for storage

When compared to storing cardboard boxes, a case of Plastic mailing bags is relatively compact. In addition, they protect from temperature or moisture in the storage facility.

  • Weather-proof

Plastic mailing bags are composed of water-resistant materials, so you don’t have to worry about product damage due to bad weather or spills while on the way to your recipient.

  • Value for money

Poly mailer bags are cost-effective in comparison to cardboard boxes. Shipping companies have developed a concept known as dimensional weight, which increases the cost, particularly for boxes. However, when a customer is not so happy with a product or wants to return it, poly mailer bags are a less expensive solution to pack the products and send them back.

  • Merchandise Protection

Poly mailers are also built to offer durability. Poly mailers made of water-resistant plastic offer protection that no corrugated box or paper envelope can match. Additionally, the poly mailer’s tear and puncture resistance protect your products from dust and grime, and the “slick” inside prevents creases and wrinkling.

For a multitude of reasons, poly mailers are a fantastic choice for any organization. Your parcels will be instantly recognized if your mailing bags are customized with your company’s name and logo. This will also reduce shipping errors while raising brand awareness and elevating the brand. You can find custom poly mailers at Action Bags.

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