July 2021

What To Consider When Shopping For Plastic Bags?

Plastic bags are reusable and relatively strong. These bags can be recycled and are budget-friendly. Compared to other forms of shopping bags, one of the most significant advantages of plastic bags is their negligible environmental impact. High-density polyethylene is the most frequent material used to make thin plastic grocery shop bags (HDPE). It is better …

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Using Plastic Bags For The Optometry Industry

Companies in the optometry industry are directly responsible for the technology, tools, and resources available to patients and ECPs. Most people depend on the optometric industry to offer the support required to deliver the best patient care. Various types of plastic bags are used in the optometry industry to store eyeglasses, shades, cases, and other …

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Using Plastic Bags For The Jewelry Industry

Jewelry has emotional meaning to its owners, whether it is a heritage passed down through the centuries or a passionate gift from a loved one. Having a collection of one-of-a-kind and lovely jewelry is a source of pride and joy. It not only demonstrates your incredible sense of style but also aids in self-expression and …

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Types of Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are incredibly versatile containers or careers crafted from thin and usually flexible polymeric films. Made to transport, store, ship, and package items in various industrial, commercial and residential applications. Moreover, plastic bags are useful as they are often waterproof and offer some protection from the elements. Here are some of the commonly available …

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LDPE vs. HDPE Film

Even though LDPE and HDPE share multiple characteristics, their basically different internal structures lead to multiple differences as well. The polymer chains that craft both materials are subdivided into LDPE, whereas, in HDPE, the polymers have a more crystalline formation. However, the difference in polymer organization results in obvious characteristics in every material. Here are …

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MIL Thickness for Zip Bags

Generally, zip bags are widely used for packaging, shipping, and storage applications. Crafted to provide excellent protection to the products, these zip bags are handy for multiple applications across various industries like manufacturing, electronics, automotive, food, and many others. How to Pick the Right Bag According to Mil Thickness? Selecting the right sized zip bag …

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